EasyFLEX Adhesive Spray

EasyFLEX Adhesive Spray is a spray adhesive and enables installation of roofing foil and covering without the use of a gas burner or heat gun.

It can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, fabric, aluminium, MDF etc.

A2 Fireproof.

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20.00 €

EasyFLEX Adhesive Spray is a high-performance Web Spray Adhesive designed to bond our foil flashing to a wide variety of surfaces and substrates such as aluminum/metal, wood, concrete, plasterboard, and fabric.

No roofing torch required.


  • EU IMO "Wheelmark" approved for Marine application: 2434 / 2022.
  • Certification Number: 2434-MED-0073
  • Class A2 Fire Rating.
  • High Temperature Resistance.
  • Fast Drying